We offer a range of sleepers that are ideal for pathways, steps and retaining walls.  All sleepers are sealed and have galvanised steel reinforcing bars.  The sleepers can be made in any Gumnut paver colour. 


The range includes:

  • Timber texture -weathered timber style

  • Sandstone texture - sandstone style

  • Keystone texture - stack stone style


Standard sizes are listed below.  In addition, the sleepers can be made to any length (up to 2m) to suit your project.  For garden edging, galvanised lugs can be added  for securing with star pickets (see photo below).


900x200x75 - 30kg
1200x200x75 - 40kg
1500x200x75 - 50kg
2000x200x75 - 66kg

Galvanised Steel Products

We can supply galvanised steel posts and fence brackets - cut to size for your project.

  • C section (end posts - 100mm x 50mm) and H section (middle posts - 100mm x 100mm) made from sturdy 6mm steel.  Available in lengths starting at 800mm, increasing in 200mm increments to a maximum of 3.6m long.

  • Fence brackets - these brackets are bolted to the steel posts, to allow a fence above the retaining wall.  They come in a 3mm thickness (fences up to 1.2m high) and 6mm thickness (fences up to 2m high).  (see photo below)

Stair Treads

Available in the Timber texture, the stair treads are 300mm wide and 75mm thick.  They come in standard lengths or any requested length up to 2m. 

Tapered Sleepers
Available in the Timber texture, Gumnut tapered sleepers can be used to create curved pathways. They come in 3 standard lengths - 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm. 

The taper sleepers come in 4 standard curve sizes as below - the radius is measured from the outside edge of the sleeper back into a centre point.

    70mm – 1.5 metre radius approx.
    100mm – 2 metre radius approx.
    130mm – 2.5 meter radius approx.
    170mm – 3.5 metre radius approx.