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Garden Edging Blocks

New product arriving early 2018.  These edging blocks can be laid in straight rows as well as creating curved features. 


There are 2 ranges - Rock Pavers available in 6 standard colours and Sleeper Pavers that have a Timber finish. 


We offer a range of sleepers that are ideal for pathways, steps and retaining walls.  All sleepers have galvanised steel reinforcing bars for building retaining walls.  The sleepers can be manufactured in any Gumnut paver colour. 

Feng Shui

Create unique features with the Coin Paver and the Giant Round Coin. Popular colours are Charcoal and Sandstone  - they can be made in any Gumnut standard paver colour or any colour of your choice.

Random Rock

These irregular shaped concrete rocks are ideal to use as paving or stepping stones. They come in all Gumnut standard paver colours

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