Rock Pavers

These pavers have a textured finish ('Rock') and come in six colours. The pavers are suitable for use in courtyards, pool surrounds and entertaining areas as well as stepping stones.



          Paver Rock 500 x 500 x 40mm - 19kg

          Paver Rock 400 x 400 x 35mm - 11kg

          Rock Stepper 710 x 235 x 40mm - 12kg   


          Available colours 

          * Charcoal

          * Sandstone

          * Beige

          * Brown

          * Pale Terracotta

          * Dark Terracotta


Sleeper Pavers

These pavers have the same texture as the Gumnut Timber sleepers. They are available in the ‘Natural’ weathered timber colour or can be made to order in any Gumnut paver colour or any other colour of your choice through our colour matching service.


          Sleeper Paver 470 x 470 x 40mm - 17kg
          Sleeper Paver 235 x 470 x 40mm  - 8kg
          Sleeper Paver 235 x 710 x 40mm  - 12kg